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Remote Start: Choose Comfort

Installing a remote start in your car or truck is the best way to combat the bi-polar, schizophrenic Southeastern Virginia weather. In the Hampton Roads area, the spectrum of temperatures that spans one week could include all four seasons! Our local population never really knows what to expect when they walk out the door to get in the car each day.

Leather and vinyl seats can burn your biscuits in the hot summer, and freeze your tail in the winter. You can eliminate this hazard with a remote start for your vehicle installed by Audio One! A remote start device or smart phone app is the game point for winning the battle against extreme weather. With the push of a button, your car can cool down or heat up to make your drive more comfortable and acclimate to your desired temperature settings before you even go out the front door!

Eliminate the uncomfortable bite of those first minutes of your ride while the car’s temperature regulates with a remote starter from Audio One.

A Remote Start Offers Security

Compustar 2 Way Pro

Many people know that a remote start is a device that starts your car, but not many consider the added layer of security this device can offer. There are many extra features of remote starts that can enhance your remote start system. For example, you can remote start your car from inside your home or across a parking lot (depending on range of your device), and it will remain locked until you choose to unlock it.

Stop by Audio One today and let us pick the perfect product to fit your specific needs and desires. Our professional installation comes with a Lifetime Warranty!

Won’t Someone Steal My Car?!

Nope. Once you are in your car, you must turn/initiate the key to restart the vehicle and put the car in gear. To do this, you must step on the brake, which disables the remote start, shutting the engine down. Plus, with the key not in the ignition, the vehicle won’t go into gear. These safety features and many others are part of the list of options we will customize with you to make sure you get the capability you need. You can start, climate control, or locate your car with a few taps on your phone, too. This is a simple luxury with very practical applications.

Remote Start Added Features

Compustar Remote StartAdded features available with our remote start systems include the ability to start your car from anywhere in the world via your smart phone with Viper branded SmartStart, complete security and temperature sensors that automatically start the car when temperatures fall to a set level.

Let’s face it – living here in Hampton Roads, Virginia without a remote start leaves you never knowing what temperature your car seats will be for your ride to work. Do you want that surprise every morning? We don’t think so! Choose Audio One and let our experts make sure your remote start integrates seamlessly with your vehicle’s complex electronics system.

Call one of our convenient Audio One locations for an assessment. Your lifestyle and particular desires and needs will weigh heavily into which product is best for you. Our technical professionals are standing by to help you determine which model is best for your application. We never want you to have to enter a sweltering or frostbitten car again!