Looking For A Rear Seat Entertainment Solution?

Rear Seat Entertainment Euphoria

A rear seat entertainment system is the perfect solution to a stress free and more enjoyable drive. A mobile video solution will have you grinning with the “I got this” vibes when you look in your rear-view mirror and see your passengers entertained and relaxed. Sounding good already, right? Contact Audio One and let us turn your vehicle into an entertainment center on wheels. We have several options to fit your price point.

Whether you are going on family vacation or across town, the confined spaces of our vehicles can amplify from calm to chaos quickly, so give your backseat passengers a quiet distraction so they aren’t distracting YOU from driving. Audio One has all the options you need to max out the cool points of your back seat.

You love being asked “are we there yet?” 43,629 times on a road trip, don’t you? If you have a younger audience that spend a lot of time in the car, turning your back seats into an entertainment station will make your life easier. Mobile video is the perfect solution to make your ride more relaxed and enjoyable with kids in the car. A rear seat entertainment system from Audio One will easily have your passengers out of your hair and minding their own business, so you can pay attention to the road.

Rear Seat Entertainment Systems Top Picks

The most versatile rear seat entertainment option for blissful silence in the car is our quality headrest video monitor system. This setup allows your backseat passengers to watch two different DVD’s at the same time, and some models integrate your smartphone apps and USB input or SD cards. We custom design a headrest that matches the interior of your car, improved with a built-in, high-resolution video monitor. Your ride will suddenly become so much more peaceful that you might even forget that you have passengers at all!

Another popular option is installing overhead video monitors that attach to the ceiling of the vehicle. This is a larger single screen that the whole passenger area can view. An overhead video monitor also has the capability of playing multiplayer video games. The car just became way more functional and fun!

Both the overhead and headrest video monitors can play sound through wireless and wired headphones so that everyone can happily listen to what they want without bothering other passengers. We can also integrate the sound to be played through your existing radio and speaker system.

Simple Tablet, Smart Phone, iPad & Android Integration
If you want to use your tablet or iPad as an on-the-go video monitor, we offer a mount that attaches to the back of the front headrests. The mount tilts for an adjusted viewing angle while your passengers enjoy the ride and can be removed when not in use.

Audio One Rear Seat Entertainment

Don’t leave your rear seat entertainment to the likes of Angry Birds and spitball wars. Whatever your needs and preferences are, our installation experts will have you outfitted with the right product for your vehicle. There is a wide selection of colors and screen size options, so we can color match and customize dimensions for your rear seats. Remember, you don’t need a new car to have new car features.

Everything installed by the Audio One team is covered by a Lifetime Warranty! We stand strong behind our products, your satisfaction, and your sanity. Contact one of our four convenient locations in Hampton Roads, Virginia to assure you are getting the right set up for your rear seat entertainment project.