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Keyless Entry System: A Remote Control for Your Car

A keyless entry system for your vehicle allows you to control access to your car without having to physically insert a traditional key. A smart key or keyless entry key fob can arm your alarm system, utilize a hands-free motion detector to open the trunk or hatch, and many other surprising features. Not having a keyless entry system is like getting up off the couch to adjust the rabbit ears on the TV; it’s outdated and totally avoidable!

Back in the 1980s, Ford introduced one of the first keyless entry systems, a keypad on the exterior of the driver’s side door above the door handle on the Ford Thunderbird, Mercury Cougar, Lincoln Town car and Lincoln Continental Mark VI. This five-button keypad technology was next offered by Nissan on its Maxima and Fairlady models.

In 1982, The technology quickly advanced to a remote system with handheld transmitter on the French made Renault Fuego, and as an option on many American Motors vehicles in 1983. Since, the popularity of remote keyless entry systems has earned them the designation of a new standard of driver convenience.

Keyless Entry Offers Convenience

A keyless entry system offers convenience. Being able to get in your vehicle quickly can save you from inclement weather. Open doors and your trunk or hatch in time to let kids load up in the car, since they are running ahead of you anyway. Achieve a two-arm carry to your trunk with a hands-free open, and minimize time and effort when loading and unloading your vehicle.

We know you want convenience – and you deserve it! Stop by Audio One today, and let us pick the perfect keyless entry system for your vehicle.

Keyless Entry Improves Safety

A keyless entry is convenient but its true purpose is security. A keyless entry system is a standard feature on most car alarm systems and remote starts, offering you security with quick entry into your vehicle in the darkest of parking lots. Many systems also offer GPS capability and synchronization with your smart phone, allowing you the ability to monitor your vehicle’s security 24/7 from practically any location in the world.

Since keyless entry is a feature that is available on a variety of vehicle security systems and remote starts, choosing the right system will take a certain amount of research and can quickly become overwhelming. That is why Audio One exists – we are here to help! At Audio One, our after-market specialists know all the latest and greatest features, brands and systems available today, so we can recommend the best devices and products for your project.

We know there is a big difference between filling a need and lighting up the sky with exceeded expectations. At Audio One, our end game is all about you having all the features you want, and then some. When you are bored with your car’s lackluster safety features and lack of convenience, leave your disappointment in the dust, and let Audio One pimp out your ride with a top-of-the line keyless entry system.