Looking For Subwoofers?

Subwoofers: All About That Bass

Subwoofers – are you all about that bass and no treble? When your intent is to impress, we know you need that boom-boom with all the junk in the right places. Adding subwoofers to your car audio system will give you that extra bass you desire. With the trend of speaker sleekness and concealment, there is relation to the increased demand for subwoofers.

Basically, subwoofers are the loudspeaker of your sound system and push the lower pitched notes up to fullness and clarity, so they don’t get buried in obscurity. Whether you want to vibrate the hubcaps off the car next to you at a red light, impress that special friend, or simply experience every nuance of your favorite tracks, Audio One has the perfect subwoofers to elevate your enjoyment of the deepest layers of music.

Right now, your beats are sounding awfully lonely without the company of some quality subwoofers installed by Audio One. It’s time to hear what you’ve been missing. Buffer down the treble without trouble – contact Audio One!

All Ears on the Subwoofers!

Subwoofers aren’t just addons for kids that want window-shattering bass beats. More and more factory systems are coming equipped with woofers but many of them are still lacking. The fact is, a factory sound system just cannot compete with an aftermarket subwoofer pushing out a dramatic, thundering range of sweetness.

Subwoofers are part of a complete sound package. Don’t think they are just for rollin’ deep in the Caprice! Many people don’t realize what they are missing when they don’t have a sub. The lowest pitch of audio frequency, or the bass notes, are often overlooked and underappreciated in contemporary genres of music.

If your sound system were a smooth, comforting cup of drip coffee, your sound system with woofers is a shot of espresso: deep, rich, and powerful. All genres of music have a supporting undertone of the lowest notes, even if you don’t notice them. They round out and give depth to the music.
You deserve to hear what you’re missing. Contact the audio specialists at Audio One and let us upgrade your sound system with some new subwoofers.

Installing Subwoofers Is Not A DIY Job

Installing the right subwoofers in the right way is crucial to maximize your sound quality. Projects that entail precision and automotive electronic skill sets, like subwoofers choice and installation, are best left to the audio specialists of Audio One.

Some will say that all you have to do is connect a few wires but there is much more to this project. To achieve the bass tones you want is a complex configuration of power, space, enclosure, sensitivity, impedance, and voice coil considerations and adjustments.

Does your neighbor who thinks he can install your sub for you know about those things? Probably not. If you want surging power in every octave of your music, you need an Audio One sound expert to unlock the possibilities. Contact Audio One today to find out how we can get your ride fitted with some new subwoofers, because we know “it’s all about that bass!”