Want A New Car Security System?

Car Security System

Do you need a car security system? Factory installed systems don’t offer all the protection of an aftermarket system. A quality car security solution from Audio One can protect your high-end equipment. Protecting yourself, your family, your vehicle and its contents are enough good reason to invest in an aftermarket car security system, not to mention the convenience of this quality upgrade.

Compustar Pro RFX T12 Car Security System

If you are going to the expense and effort of installing high quality aftermarket sound or video components, it is wise to also invest in added security to protect your new system from thieves. A car security system can be integrated to control your door locks, open your trunk or even control your security system using your smartphone. No matter what the contents, your car is a valuable investment that is worth safeguarding.

Not all security systems will work in all vehicles, so come in today and let Audio One help you pick the perfect protection for your vehicle. We can help you choose a quality car security system that fits the specifications of your vehicle and will keep it locked down so YOU are the only one taking your car for a joy ride.

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Car Security System Installation By Audio One

At Audio One, we are your best pick for a car security system installation. We take seriously your vehicle and everything it helps you accomplish in life. We want your car to be safe and secure, from the throaty bass of the custom designed subwoofers to the ten-dollar phone charger.

Compustar Pro RFX T12 Angled Security

The security systems we offer have a wide range of options. Features vary by brand and model but may include:

  • 1-Way or 2-Way Communication Operating range up to 6,000 feet
  • Smartphone Control and Monitoring (unlimited range)
  • Keyless Entry / Remote Lock and Unlock of Doors / Trunk
  • Remote Start Function
  • GPS Tracking
  • Backup Battery
  • Alarm Siren / Panic Button
  • Motion Sensors / Impact Sensors
  • Starter Interrupt
  • Tilt Sensors
  • Trunk Protection

We know you spend a lot of time in your vehicle and when that extension of your homes is invaded, it can be unnerving. Prevent the worry and event of a break-in or worse, and let Audio One hook you up with a car security system that can protect your belongings, your vehicle and your family.

Get A Security System Now – Don’t Become A Statistic!

A car security system can keep you from being a statistic. Every year, over a million vehicles are stolen and broken into. Don’t believe that having a factory security system (that typically only includes keyless entry with door sensors) will provide the protection you need to stay safe.

Car Security System Protects Your Valuables

Unfortunately, many people never consider getting a security system until their vehicle has been broken into and they realize their vulnerability. Don’t be one of these people that have to deal with the hassle of filing a police report, and having to drive your car without tunes while looking at the empty hole in your broken dash and that eruption of twisted and broken wires, a vulgar reminder left by the crook that broke into your ride.

Don’t wait until your security has been compromised and you find your vehicle rifled through and belongings missing. Stay on the offense and get a car security system in place now to prevent thieves from helping themselves to your stuff.

Invest in a car security system installed by Audio One’s professional technicians who want your equipment to stay safe as much as you do, and gain the confidence and assurance that your stuff won’t become someone else’s stuff via a five-finger discount! Contact us today to schedule your appointment for service.