Looking For A Quality GPS Navigation System?

GPS Navigation Systems

Today’s sophisticated GPS navigation accuracy and voice guided digital mapping have made it easier than ever for us to stay attuned to where we are and where we’re going. GPS navigation technology, originally designed by the U.S. military, works by receiving information from GPS satellites and uses it to calculate geographical position.

In the 1980s, GPS technologically was allowed to be used for civilian purposes. Since the many years since its release, there have been many advancements in technology and these amazing devices have the ability to send drivers real-time traffic maps, turn-by-turn voice navigation, alternate routing information and more.

A new, top-of-the-line in-dash GPS navigation system from Audio One can be the perfect solution to mesh your brain with the matrix and keep you on level playing field with your fellow road companions. Handy for all drivers, including those spontaneous weekend warriors who venture out-of-town, and the techies who want to stay plugged in 24/7 during their mobile travels, GPS navigation technology offers major benefits. If you are looking for a GPS navigation system, Audio One has the perfect solution for you!

A GPS Navigation System From Audio One

A quality GPS navigation system can provide impressive features such as larger screens, better resolution, and local points of interest (POI) like restaurants and gas stations. Such systems, when used properly, can increase safety and make a driver more comfortable in road ability. Most newer model cell phones will integrate with your GPS navigation system for intermeshed communication options. Features like Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming keep your cell phone safely stowed and out of mind so you can drive safely.

Audio One has plenty of GPS navigation systems to choose from, ranging from products with zero installation time to tempting, fully loaded configurations that integrate with your car’s electronics and security system. We can custom design exactly what you need, from the GPS navigation device to a custom installed in-dash control center that rivals the Millennium Falcon. (Now, wouldn’t that be a fun project?) The only limitations on design are your imagination!

The Latest In GPS Navigation Technology

Thanks to GPS navigation, passengers no longer have to beg drivers to stop and ask for directions. The next time your other half doesn’t fully trust how well you know where you’re going, just point to the dash like a boss!
A fully loaded navigation system from Audio One will eliminate time wasted from losing your way, frustration of an impatient spouse, and the danger of using your smart phone while you’re driving.

Want to eliminate those hassles in the car and give yourself the advantage of a smooth and seamless drive? Let our GPS navigation system experts show you the best options for your goals and your vehicle. Want to quiet that distracting back-seat driver? Although they may still comment, it won’t be where you are going anymore. Instead, it will be about how they crave to have your new GPS navigation system in their own vehicle!

Audio One offers quality, integrated GPS Navigation Systems available from Kenwood, Pioneer and Eclipse:

  • Eclipse
    • Eclipse has 3 excellent integrated systems.  Each one includes AM/FM tuner, MP3 capable compact disc player, 6.5” screen, and built-in DVD player, as well as a complete navigation system.  The top model includes a 30 gigabyte hard drive which stores the navigation information, as well as leaving enough space to store 7500 songs.  All Eclipse units have a 3 year warranty when purchased and installed by Audio One.
  • Kenwood
    • Kenwood’s navigation solutions involve an add-on unit that can be integrated to any of their in-dash video systems.  The advantage here is that the navigation can be used at the same time as the video system.
  • Pioneer
    • Pioneer’s navigation systems are very cost effective, combining AM/FM/Compact Disc/MP3/DVD/Video Playback and Navigation.