Need A New Car Stereo?

Car Stereo: Centerpiece Of Sound

The car stereo is the centerpiece of your car’s sound system and it should reflect your swag. It often consists of a standard AM/FM tuner, optional satellite radio, CD or DVD player, smartphone capability via Bluetooth, and typically an input to connect to another device.

The preamp of your car stereo allows for sound adjustments while the amplifier boosts the audio signal to your speakers. Advanced features on new car stereos offer detailed displays, more playback options and even touch screen capability. Precision controls like parametric equalization and digital time correction are available on the higher end models.

High Quality Car Stereo Installation

Better sound quality in a car stereo means better circuit design and richer, cleaner beats. At Audio One, we will offer the higher quality brand products, and we have the industry tips and hacks to maximize your car stereo system so you can pump out those otherworldly vibes you crave.

Transform your ride into a portal of celestial soundwaves that elevate you to other space-time dimensions. Stop by Audio One for the most relevant and accurate sound technology available for your audio pleasure and productivity. Our car audio professionals will make sure your sound system is at full tilt for an incredible sound experience.

Choose A New Car Stereo From Audio One!

When looking for a new car stereo, you need a professional team to take all your project logistics into account. At Audio One, we know how to transform your ride the right way. We have been dominating the car stereo scene in Hampton Roads for over forty years and we are trusted, recommended and award-winning for good reason. Come check us out and see for yourself!