Need A New Head Unit?

Head Unit: The Car Stereo Brains

The Head Unit is the launchpad of your sound system, the deck where your audio and navigation controls are located. Many may also recognize the term stereo receiver when describing a head unit. Although there are some technical differences, for the most part, these terms tend to be used interchangeably.

The head unit clusters many electrical components and is the nucleus of where your sound, navigation and security controls and indicators reside. Regardless, whichever term is used, in a vehicle, a head unit is usually located in the center of the dashboard, and gives the user control over communication and navigation features. Several vehicle manufacturers are now adding features such as odometer information, door chime and lock controls and vehicle warnings. Thus, a head unit also can serve as a secondary instrument panel.

The Head Unit Centerpiece

Just because your head unit is a centerpiece of several technologies, don’t underestimate its ability to transmit a signal of focused, maximum sound performance. This panel of various knobs and buttons could unlock the door to the sweetest, massive pounding vibrations of bass you have ever imagined. Therefore, it is crucial to assure that your head unit is sufficient and compatible before wasting your dollars on those smokin’ speakers you’ve been eyeing for the last few months.

Why rely on the factory settings your car came with when there are vast levels of sound that they can’t access? What good is it to install new speakers, or an amplifier, in a vehicle with a low-quality head unit that can’t keep up? Audio One sound professionals will help you avoid making these mistakes.

At Audio One, we know all about the compatibility issues and how to match the right components with the other components in your vehicle. Let the professionals at Audio One optimize your sound the right way, so you don’t waste a single decibel. What are you waiting for? Go from boring and basic to bright and brilliant! Call Audio One to consult with an audio specialist and let us enlighten your aural dreams.

Upgrading Your Head Unit

Maybe you are a tech head with plenty of faith in his or her own ability to rewire a sound system, or maybe you break out into splotchy red spots and back sweat at the idea of having to change the batteries in the remote.

No matter what your level of comfort with technology, we highly suggest you don’t install your own stereo head unit. There are endless ways that this could end badly! Having your stereo receiver installed by an Audio One professional will guarantee that it is done right, without hacking your dashboard apart, and it’s all covered by a Lifetime Warranty.

Do YOU want to pull your dashboard apart again when something stops working? We don’t think so! We know you would prefer a professional warranty on your installation. Save the headache, choose Audio One and take your head unit from elementary to extreme!