Looking For Custom Installation & Fabrication?

Custom Installation & Fabrication Services

At Audio One, custom installation comes along with the territory, and quality comes first. At Audio One, every job is guaranteed for as long as your own your vehicle. From basic installations to exotic fabrications, no job is too big or too small!

Today’s vehicles contain more sophisticated electronics than ever before. Newer vehicles utilize a system called multiplexing where several functions are handled through a single wire. For this reason, adding a stereo system, alarm system, keyless entry, remote start or video system requires an intimate knowledge of audio electronics and vehicle electronics and design.

Unfortunately, the risk for the do-it-yourself option is that one wrong wire can damage the vehicle’s electronics system. Stop by and let us curb that do-it-yourself temptation and, instead, choose precision, accuracy and a guaranteed installation.

If you already decided to tackle the job and need some help, we can take over and provide you with flawless sound, state-of-the-art options and even upholstery. At Audio One, we have performed thousands of custom installations and we have the skill and resources to accommodate nearly any project you can imagine.

Why Choose Audio One For Custom Installation?

When you come to Audio One for custom installation for your automotive and marine audio or visual products, you are accessing decades of experience in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We have curated and streamlined the many technical details and industry nuances of amping up your sound (yes, pun intended!).

Why Choose Us?
We Know What We’re Doing. Our professional installers are trained to know their way around the automotive and powersport electrical systems – this is why they are called professionals! They know what is safe (and not safe) when it comes to installing head units, amplifiers, capacitors, monitors, subwoofers, alarms and more. Even if you are an electrician, that does not mean you’re qualified to install stereo components. It takes special training to excel at custom audio system and powersport installations.

We Have the Right Tools. Our custom installers have the correct tools available so nothing is broken during the install. There are right ways and wrong ways to take things apart and put them back together. Our experts ensure that your installation is seamless and looks flawless.

We Provide Service Even AFTER the Install. We will always be there to help if you need some technical service with a feature of your new equipment. Need some help? Stop by or give us a call with your questions – we have all the answers you need!

Top-Notch, Full Service – Two Words: “INSTALLATION WARRANTY.” We provide a lifetime warranty on our installation work. So, if your radio shuts off or your subwoofers stop booming, we’ll take a look at it for you FOR FREE.

Our Work is Guaranteed. Most manufacturers won’t honor a 1-year warranty on their products unless you provide a receipt for installation work done by an authorized dealer. If they do happen to provide any warranty, you’re typically looking at a whopping 90 days on your equipment.
What are you waiting for? Save yourself from future headaches and expense. Choose to get your gear installed by the professionals at Audio One!

Choose Audio One For Guaranteed Custom Installation, Fabrication & Design

At Audio One, we offer an extensive collection of fabrics and finishes so your new head unit, speakers, and other system components look like they came with the vehicle. We can transform not only your daily ride but also your golf cart, ATV, boat, jet skis or practically any vehicle into an audio-visual entertainment experience.

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to risk damage to your new sound system. Trust our professionals and ensure your custom installation is done correctly the first time. From the bass in the trunk to the treble in the front, we will blow your mind with the options we have to offer to get your sound system rockin’ off the charts. Stop by and let us show you what you’re missing!

Custom Enclosures: Outfitting Your Sound Equipment

Custom enclosures are the wardrobe your auto sound system wears to work all day. All good things come wrapped in a package – even your audio equipment. Choosing the final touches to perfectly match and blend that new set of speakers can be just as important as choosing your equipment.

At Audio One, we offer a large variety of fabric, leather and carpet selections for your custom enclosures. Whether you want to install one component or a full overhaul of your sound system, we will take the right custom enclosure into consideration for your project.

Not all audio equipment needs to be upholstered to match the interior, so stop by and let our design experts guide you to the options that are best for your daily driver or pleasure craft.

Custom Enclosures By Audio One

Wrap your new sound system in a bear hug that has the same look and feel as the rest of your vehicle. The material used on a subwoofer box or headrest video screens should be unnoticeable to you and your passengers, so all you need to pay attention to is the sound and feel of your new gear!

No matter how your components are configured, we can design a custom enclosure that will blend with your trunk, hatch space, or any other location. At Audio One, every last aspect of after-market equipment we install is worth the detailed planning to make it look seamless and natural.