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Financing Options – No Credit Needed!

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Financing Options – No Credit Needed!

Progressive Leasing: 90 Day Terms

Our “No Credit Needed Leasing” through Progressive is perfect for applicants who have not established a credit history yet, or whose credit is not as good as they would like.

To Apply You Must:
You must be 18-years or older
Valid Social Security Number or ITIN
Have a routing & account numbers for active checking account
Have a Credit or Debit Card

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the interest for this program?
This program has no interest because it is a lease-purchase contract. If you pay your balance off within 90 days, all you pay is the invoice price and the predetermined Initial Payment. If you take more than the first 90 days to pay off the purchase, then you will pay 1.8 times the invoice total over 12 equal payments.

Where do I mail my payment? Can I pay online or by phone?
Payments will be debited out of your checking account by ACH every month. To arrange or process payments over the telephone call Progressive Leasing at 877-898-1970.